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Financial Report


16th February 2012 Company registered

March 2013, the first Outpatient clinic called Fountain Healthcare Clinic opens its doors for business

March 2013, the 1st AGM of F500 Investment Group Ltd takes place in Nakuru and adopts founding Legal structures

March 2014, 2nd AGM takes place in Nairobi: First Audited Accounts for the Group and the Clinic tabled debated and passed by shareholders

March 2014: The AGM resolves to structure the Company as a Holding Company with Individual Shareholders

March 2014: Vacant Board positions filled by Elections and new board mandated to explore the incorporation of wholly owned subsidiaries of the Holding Company to spearhead business engagements

May 2014: Fountain Healthcare Ltd Incorporated as a subsidiary of F-500 Ltd and takes over the operations of the Group Practice Clinic in Eldoret

May 2014; Board Resolution passed to Classify the Company Shares into Founder Shares (Class A 10% of authorized Share Capital) and Non-founding Shares ( Class B 90% of Authorized Share capital). This was to implement a March 2014 AGM Resolutions

June 2014: Founder shares formally issued and a Share Register established for those who joined between 16th February 2012 to 28th February 2014. This category became recognized as the founders.

1st May 2014: F-500 Group Limited Board launches a strategy to recruit 2000 doctors over 2 years ending on 30th April 2016. New doctors and founders who wish to expand their ownership to purchase Shares in Class B at a price of KES 100/= per Share. Two (2) Million Class B Shares set aside to be issued under this initiative to raise KES 200M to fund business expansion

August  2014 The F-500 Board and the FHC Board launch a strategy to Revise, consolidate and align the Articles & Memos of the two Companies with new business realities and to have the changes Registered with the Registrar of companies, a process expected to be complete by March 2015.

May 2014 under the guidance of the FHC Board, an initiative launched to set up a 50 bed specialized inpatient wing to complement the operations of the Eldoret outpatient center

September/ October 2014: A steering committee established chaired by Dr. James Soki Mokua to lead the process of establishing a Fountain Healthcare Clinic in Nairobi to cater for the interests of the 85  F-500 Shareholders so far recruited who are based in Nairobi

By end of September, we have 246 members

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