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Dividends are a form of profit distribution to the shareholders. Shareholders in this case are the fortune Five Hundred Investment Group ltd members The company is yet to issue out its dividend sharing program. Check back soon for updated information

Group Benefits

+ A platform for consultation: One of the main benefits of F500 is the ability to be a platform where ideas and trends can be shared among the members. This kind of collaboration both benefits the F500 and gives team members an outlet to bounce around ideas.

+ A voice for advocacy: it creates a platform and gives a voice to F500 to advocate for better practices and benchmarking to improve healthcare and or spur needed social change.

+ Accountability for Weak Areas: Working as a team not only helps to showcase people’s various strengths but can also allow for compensation of weaker areas as well. Members can distribute the workload so that people are playing to their strengths with their work and team up to tackle areas where they are weaker to allow for improvement. This creates a stronger and more skilled workforce.

+ Harnessed synergy: a combined effect greater than the simple sum total of individual contributions. The capital of F500 is generally raised from its members. Medics from throughout the country can buy shares that are priced at a considerate price decided from time to time by the stakeholders.

+ Harness and exploit conflict: F500 will harness and exploit the conflict to generate new and better ideas than an individual could. As F500 constructively resolves tension and disagreement, the chances of achieving F500 goals will significantly increase.

+ Transferability of shares: The shares of F500 are freely transferable. This makes investment in the shares liquid and an investor is not bound to remain with the company.

Leaving/Exiting F500 Group

Fortune 500 Investment Group offers the following benefits to its members:

+ Collegiality – the interaction between colleagues of different carders, ranging from interns to senior consultants, offers a rare and precious opportunity bar none. This rich human resource is at the disposal of every member of the group. This is the empowering factor in the group practice model.

+ Growth – the group mainly consists of young and vibrant doctors who are driven to provide the best healthcare services to their clients. The group is also young and has a lot of room for growth. Financially sustainable ideas that members come up with are welcome, reviewed, adopted, and implemented while keeping the vision of the group.

+ Owning where you work – as a shareholder, a member has the right to influence the running of the business, for the greater good of the group. The beauty of the investment group is that the investments are geared towards health. In the indispensable wisdom of  Warren Buffet ” Only invest in what you understand and at the right price”

+ Balanced work, social and family lifestyle

+ Equity compensation – for those who put in time, effort, reputation, and goodwill to build a reputable practice

+ Shared duties – so that your patients can be seen while away

+ Relief from administrative work

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